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There are two avenues for Private Label, either your company:

1- offers its products to others to sell under their Private Label, or

2- contracts other manufacturers to purchase their products under your Private Label


The top e-commerce brands (that rake in 8-figures) aren’t drop-shipping generic junk. They’re using private label products as the cornerstone of a brand marketing machine.


  • White Label is when you take someone else’s product and put your name on it. You are directly selling a product that is developed, controlled and serviced by someone else.

  • Private Label is when you contract with a manufacturer to produce a product to your specifications.. This results in the highest possible profit margin, because you are only paying someone else for manufacturing.

  • Wholesale is when you contract with a supplier to purchase goods from another brand. You are simply reselling the products that you’ve purchased in bulk. It is clear to everyone involved that you are simply a middle-man in the transaction.

If you are offering your products for private label, we will:

- help you to choose the right product/s to be offered for private label,

- source buyers,

- contract buyers.

If you are looking for a product or service to include it to your range under your own label, we will:

- source a niche product,

- market research on the product market share and if its growing or retracting,

- identify competitors,

- identify the products that will sell & complement your range,

- find a reliable manufacturer,

- branding,

- design,

- labels regulations,

- marketing,

- delivery & shipping